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Rounders' Reaction - 2053 Week 2 Edition


Fri Oct 19 09:59 AM

I call bull, no such thing as Irish models that look like that.

by Ushikawa at Fri Oct 19, 2018 11:11 AM

Johnstone is not Irish, he's Scottish.

by TurfToe at Fri Oct 19, 2018 12:33 PM

2053 Predictions


JJ Smitty
Mon Oct 15 06:41 PM

1. Predict your team's record
10-6 Big Question is St. Louis and Durham, can I beat them?

2. Predict the winner of your division
Durham, it will between them and St. Louis. We aren't quite ready yet.

3. Predict the CFL bowl winner
Alaska, they will be tough to beat in the playoffs.

Other predictions:

- Jimmy Marischen QB League MVP, Alonzo Morrish WR Off MVP, Wade Springer DE Def MVP.

- Harvey McKnight QB OROY, Francisco Finch LB DROY.

- I'll have 2 1000 yard backs with Linker and Kerley, total yards.

- Hartford will be unstoppable this season. 13-3 record..

- Alaska will beat Hartford in the championship game. 34-31

1. Predict your team's record
6-10, we are still rebuilding but have enough in place to win some games

2. Predict the winner of your division
Miami, they aren't going down anytime soon

3. Predict the CFL bowl winner
I guess Honolulu might not choke this time

by Ushikawa at Tue Oct 16, 2018 05:55 AM

1. Predict your team's record

6-10. We have high expectations of McKnight but realize there is only so much that can be accomplished with a rookie QB.

2. Predict the winner of your division

Honolulu. With a youth movement on offense we won't be able to make a run at it this year. I'd like to think LA has a chance but I'm growing old waiting for my prediction of them stepping up to come to fruition.

3. Predict the CFL bowl winner

Marven repeats.

Other Predictions

Conley sets records for targets per game and total targets on the year. This is based solely on what I saw in the preseason with no specific game planning in place. With targets of 22, 16, & 14 during 3 pre-season games, I hate to see what happens over 16 games. With 33 catches over that same span, the receptions record may be in jeopardy as well. Note to defenses: Cover Mason Conley when you play us.

No more than one division in each conference sees a change at the top.

The winner of Durham-Shreveport loses to the winner of Alaska-Miami. Spoiler alert: Alaska (see above)

by TurfToe at Tue Oct 16, 2018 07:29 AM

1. Predict your team's record

Anywhere from 12-4 to 14-2, we have a tough schedule this year with 7 playoff teams from last year(Vegas counts twice). Including the champs from the past 3 years, Alaska and Cleveland. We also play the under performing Los Angeles Outlaws who are uber talented and Tucson who is sneaky good. Regardless, I expect we should lose no more than 2-4 games.

2. Predict the winner of your division

Honolulu, the 1st win against Las Vegas helps and they are our main rival in the division, even more so now with their young QB. Week 11 in Honolulu should be another fantastic game, so I expect Vegas to be 1-2 games behind us at the end of the year depending on records.

3. Predict the CFL bowl winner

Honolulu of course! But if not us then I like Hartford, Las Vegas, Alaska.

Bold Predictions

- Cooper Allen wins MVP for a 2nd year in a row and CFL Bowl MVP.

- Honolulu defeats Alaska in the divisional/championship round and also week 13.

- New Orleans surprises and makes the playoffs, either as a division winner or wild card.

by Teutoberg at Tue Oct 16, 2018 05:48 PM

Updated all the logo's and team names in game and on website


JJ Smitty
Wed Sep 26 05:25 AM

I've updated all the logo's and team names, to grab them just;

go to controls, then participants and click "import configuration"

You should see the New Miami Logo ingame.

All the Rosters and stats are all updated on the website.

Team schedules and Drafts.

by JJ Smitty at Wed Sep 26, 2018 10:00 AM

Just added;

Solecismic Test
40 Yard Dash
Bench Press
Agility Drill
Broad Jump
Position Drill

To the Player Card on the website.

by JJ Smitty at Wed Sep 26, 2018 11:10 AM

Thanks Josh, the website is a big help for us who GP each week.

by Ushikawa at Wed Sep 26, 2018 12:47 PM

Nice! I can browse trade prospects from my phone now.

by Jander3456 at Wed Sep 26, 2018 02:07 PM

Draft utility ready for 2053 draft, starts 9/21 @ 10 am MST

1 comment

JJ Smitty
Wed Sep 19 06:01 AM

Link: http://www.thecfl.us/fof_draft/

To register, go to the link above and select the register tab. Your username is your teams full city name. Choose from the team name below, spell it exactly the same as on the list below or your pick wont go through.

Team Name List;

Kansas City
El Paso
New Orleans
Boise City
Santa Cruz
San Antonio
Atlantic City
Las Vegas
Iowa City
St. Louis
Los Angeles
Death Valley

*** As always, you must register before the draft clock starts or your picks will be autopicked for you.

Draft time limits (clock runs from 6am to 10pm, MST):

Round 1: 4 hours
Round 2: 3 hours
Round 3: 2 hours
Round 4: 2 hours
Round 5: 1 hour
Round 6: 1 hour
Round 7: 1 hour

If you miss a pick then your time is reduced for the remaining rounds.

Draft has unofficially started but the timer doesn't start until tomorrow at 10 am MST

by JJ Smitty at Thu Sep 20, 2018 11:38 AM

Connection Info and Twitch stream info (Update Teamspeak)

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JJ Smitty
Tue Sep 11 11:40 AM

**Update the Teamspeak client or won't beable to connect to the server.

Server IP:


Download Teamspeak 3 client:


Hope to see ya on thursday, we usually get on about an hour early to shoot the shit.

Even if you don't have a headset, still get on the server and there a chat function.

Twitch stream;


To update, go to "Help" | "Check for Update" within your current client.

Mine updated to 3.2.1.

Just throwing this out there for those who may need the help.

by TurfToe at Tue Sep 11, 2018 11:42 AM

Trade Deadline is when the week 9 sim is completed

Las Vegas Rounders (TurfToe)
Las Vegas - 2053 Post-Draft Block

Fargo Sodbusters (Ushikawa)
FAR wants studs at TE, WR, RT and CB

Kansas City Storm (Red Zone)
Kansas City Trade Block

Miami Talons (bbriders)
Miami Talons Block

Shreveport Pride (Raven Hawk)

Iowa City Soldiers (FlexD)
Iowa City Block

New Orleans Voodoo (BGBob)
New Orleans Trade Block

St. Louis Arch (kc_fan)
stl trade block

Shreveport Pride (Raven Hawk)
Shreveport Block

Cleveland Flats (King kosar)
Cleveland Block

Fargo Sodbusters (Ushikawa)
FAR 1.1 and QB

Fargo Sodbusters (Ushikawa)
FAR Post Draft Block

New Orleans Voodoo (BGBob)
10th Pick Available.

San Antonio Stingers (ket494)
Looking to move #2 Overall

St. Louis Arch (kc_fan)
wr and de

Alaska Kodiaks (Marven)
Alaska Kodiaks Block